Complaints Policy

For the reporting of content that may be illegal or otherwise violates the standards you may contact our complaints management.

We acknowledge within seven business days of receiving your complaint we will acknowledge receipt of your complaint.

We will undertake an initial review of your complaint and determine what if any additional information or documentation may be required to complete an investigation. We may need to contact you to clarify details or request additional information where necessary.

Within seven business days of receiving your compliant we will investigate your complaint objectively and impartially,
by considering the information you have provided us, our actions in relation to your dealings with us and any other
information which may be available, that could assist us in investigating your complaint.

Following our investigation we will notify you of our findings and any actions we may have taken in regards to
your complaint.

We take action: Where appropriate we amend our business practices or policies.

We will record your complaint for continuous improvement process and monitoring through regular review, your
personal information will be recorded in accordance with relevant privacy legislation.

All consumers have the right to appeal the decisions made.